“I am so grateful to have found Energetic Wellness. Terah’s healing touch has helped move me into a deep state of balance numerous times. She takes extra special care to truly be with you in deep presence. The sessions have always left me feeling much lighter and balanced. Her Cranial Sacral practice is one of the deepest energetic body sessions I’ve ever experienced. Terah is powerfully intuitive. She is in a great location and holds a beautiful safe healing space. I am so grateful.” – Teresa A.

“Terah holds a powerful space for deep healing and spiritual awakening. My body’s natural process to heal itself has been reawoken. I am in deep gratitude to Terah for her whole-hearted and gentle approach to leading my body back into balance.”​ – Lisa A.

“My experience with Terah has been nothing but superb. The space she holds is warm, open, and authentic. Terah is a natural, unique healer with a wonderful sense of honor.”​ – Kathy B.

“Terah is a beautiful, caring person who has gone out of her way to help me. I require very special care and Terah makes sure all my needs are met. She works in a lovely, relaxing space that invites peace and well being. My treatment was clearly designed just for me, not just a standard protocol. Since the pandemic Terah has provided distance Reiki which has been profoundly helpful. Even the occasional text just to check in has been so welcome and clearly demonstrates the care she has for her clients.”​ – Laura B. 

“I suffer from debilitating migraines and desperately wanted Cranial Sacral for relief. When I first contacted Terah she did not have an opening for a few days so I said I would call her back. I was in tears and she could obviously tell and kept me on the phone asking questions. She then told me to come in a few hours later even though it was after business hours for her. I was so relieved and the session was amazing. My relief was indescribable and lasted quite a while. Terah checked in on me the following days with a quick text. I see her regularly now even if I feel fine, as I am working on other issues with her now too. I am a believer in energy work!”​ – Kelly D.

When I first saw Terah I didn’t know what to expect, but I needed some help and gave it a shot. Terah made me feel immediately at ease. I’m new to Reiki and Cranial Sacral so I really wasn’t expecting much, but after I felt like a new person. I can’t explain what happened as I don’t have the words. I was so relaxed and comfortable and have been back to address some more specific issues. I am very impressed with her knowledge and passion, and cannot recommend her enough.”​ – Lisa D.

“I had never received energy work before I went to see Terah so I was unsure what to expect. She did a great job explaining everything and making me feel comfortable. Now I see her regularly as part of my self care routine. I have had wonderful experiences and have been surprised how much the treatments affect me. I am so grateful I found Energetic Wellness.” ​– Megan M.

Terah is amazing. Saw her for a Reiki session and I was not disappointed. She takes a very thoughtful approach to your overall wellness. I had never experienced energy healing so she explained the process and practice. I would recommend her for sure!​ – Rose L.

“I had an amazing experience with Terah my first visit and have absolutely been back since! She is an awesome, down to earth energy goddess who listens to my needs and gets right down to business. We have a great time talking before and after the sessions. She is easy to connect with and not only does great energy work but also has great life advice. I have already recommended her to all my friends who have had just as great of experiences!”​ – Kori M.