Classes & Certification

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REIKI I Introduction / Self Healing

In Level I you will learn the beautiful history and amazing benefits of Reiki. The focus of this course is on the physical body and self healing for daily self care and balancing. We will learn the body’s energy centers called chakras, learn hand positions, and cover the “Five Reiki Principles” developed by Dr. Usui, and experience the first attunement. The class will conclude experiencing the giving and receiving of Reiki. 

REIKI II Reiki Practitioner

The Practitioner course will open the unlimited possibilities of healing oneself, clients, friends and family. In this course you will learn the meaning and application of the sacred symbols used during sessions and distance Reiki treatments. You will learn to use a pendulum to read the chakras and understand their functions. We will explore how to format your personal Reiki sessions, receive the high level Reiki II attunement, and practice giving and receiving Reiki.  

The completion of Reiki II brings you to the Reiki Practitioner level 

REIKI IIIA Master Class

In Reiki IIIA, you will be attuned at a Master level moving toward living your Higher Purpose. We will practice (giving and receiving) Reiki to clear old energy patterns that are blocking us on our life path. We will learn the sacred Reiki Master Symbols meaning and application, and explore the deeper connection of our Higher Self through meditation.

The completion of Reiki IIIA brings you to the Reiki Master level

REIKI IIIB Reiki Master-Teacher

Reiki IIIB is for those who wish to teach Reiki, inspire and lead, while continuing on their personal Reiki path. In this course you will review all of the sacred Reiki symbols, discuss how to format your classes, learn how to pass the attunements of the Three Degrees of Reiki, and of course giving and receiving Reiki.  As a Reiki Master-Teacher you will enhance your commitment to live Reiki everyday.  

The completion of Reiki IIIB titles you as a Reiki Master-Teacher