Reiki is a hands-on healing form of alternative medicine through which “universal energy” is transferred to the receiver, reducing stress and pain, while promoting relaxation and healing. It is empowering one to open, clear, and balance chakras (energy centers). Each chakra has a specific frequency, providing the energy to live our authentic lives.

Originating in Japan, Reiki is a living art that is always flowing and present for all our needs. As we consciously learn to open our hearts with compassion, Reiki supports us in moving through whatever arises. The loving energy of Reiki allows us to release old fears and limiting beliefs, allowing us to grow personally and spiritually. Reiki leaves us feeling relaxed, balanced and at peace.

Energy Work & Services

Cranial Sacral & Reiki

30 min session | $50

75 min session | $110

 Raindrop Technique {with Young Living™ Essential Oils}
 60 min session | $110 
Ultimate Combo Special

60 min Cranial Sacral & Reiki

+ 60 min Raindrop Technique| $175

15% off any package of 4+